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“…you will struggle to find anyone with the skills, patience, and dedication that Dave brings to the art of dog training.” – Dennis

“Dave has a significant amount of knowledge in working, protection, competition and pet dogs. …litters produced from his breeding have produced offspring that went on to excel as working dogs and various competition arenas.” – Officer Ross

“Louie is just 6 days old and as you can see we are doing great…we couldn’t have done it without you!” – Art, Carrie, Lucy, (the cats) and now baby Louie

“I have never met or trained with a decoy that has such excellent ability to bring out the best in each team and never seems to tire after taking hundreds of bites in any given training session.” – James Howe

“few possess the ability and patience to teach others and address each handler and dog team on an individual basis.” – Melanie Howe

“Dave’s enthusiasm, dedication and devotion was exceptional. Since then Dave has decoyed at more of my east coast K9 SWAT schools.” – Brad Smith

“Police K9 prospect needing a good solid foundation for Law Enforcement functions or problem solving with a seasoned Police K9, David Pappalardo possesses the knowledge and skills…” – Detective Sergeant Shawn Edwards

“[David] possessed the analytical ability to understand behavioral and physiological barriers and implement specific training techniques to resolve them.” – Janet Dooley

“dedicated to the canine profession… solid decoy skills…” – Sergeant Christine Boyd

“Dave has put together an amazing combination in his breeding program” – Robert Hanlon

“Our K9 Unit had contracted with K9 Unlimited to train our explosive K9 and when I heard they had a litter of puppies, I called Dave to see if had [a puppy] for what I was looking for…” – K9 Officer Eric Goudy

“I have every confidence that he will be able to handle and solve any dog training and dog handling problem that he may encounter with excellent results” – Anthony Jerone