Johan Drost Resume

Johan’s resume

1987 Started training
1988 Titled a GSD bitch Schutzhund I
1988 Became KNPV member
1988 Start KNPV club decoy
1989 Working as Walrus and California Seal trainer at Dolfinarium Harderwijk

1991 Start working for the Dutch Army (NTC- National Territorial Commando) as a dog handler and trainer with KNPV titled dogs
1993 Titled mix-malinois Reno KNPV PH I 431 CL (435), bought from puppy
1994 Titled mix-malinois Reno KNPV Object 346 CL (356)
1998 Titled mix-malinois Barry KNPV PH I 438 CL (440), own breeding, Reno son
2004 Titled mix-malinois Remy KNPV PH I 434 CL (440), own breeding, Reno son
2008 Titled mix-malinois Prozac KNPV PH I 434 CL (440), own breeding, Remy son
2009 Coachend Jeroen Vunderink in becomming KNPV Afdelings decoy
2009 handler/instructor at DiagNose (explosive dogs, disciplines free running and REST)
2010 Several Diagnose projects aboard (Singapore, Israel, South Africa, UK, Canada)
2011 KNPV BKD certification
2012 Scent certification for drugs and explosive dogs
2013 Certification professional animal trainer (Barneveld)
2014 Instructor at “Het Twickelerveld” (explosive and drug dogs)